28 Going On…

It's been a while y'all! I'm trying to make some time to blog every weekend, but the last few weeks have been busy busy busy. We drove (yes, drove) up to Rockford to see Grandpa, we finished the last major milestone to close the implementation of my first project at work, and Ivy is starting... Continue Reading →


A Day In The Life

So often I find myself looking at other blogs and searching for things like "Stubborn toddler suddenly refusing to potty" and "mom burn out" trying to find some kind of comfort that I'm not the only one out there trying to make it through each day without pulling my hair out. With so many parents... Continue Reading →

Who wears short shorts?

Hi y'all! Let's see. I'm a mother to my beautiful daughter Ivy, and a psychotic dog named Vash (the $$60 billion dog). My husband and I are both tech nerds and both work in the tech field. I have an obsession with the latest technology. Like, our home is slowly becoming engulfed in voice-activated goodness.... Continue Reading →

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